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London Handsets is the brand of used and new mobile stocks, other consumer electronics and a reputation for the highest quality of its products. The used devices that qualify for the brand for cosmetic reasons and are also fit enough to continue its life to end consumer and will not end up being broken into spare parts for refurbishment. They go through the same functional testing as all our products. We test our stock to 41 points and come back on the market ready for reusing.

100% Original

We have a strict policy and that is to keep our consumers happy with our stock and the confidence to know our stock is original. Our customers are very strict when it comes to spending their money on genuine product. We require original stocks and they are required by our partners, in turn we give this to our customers across all channels including those that are purchasing single units through our website.

Battery capacity

Our batteries are original batteries. The older the phone the less we can confirm the battery %. However we are please to let you know that from iphone 7 to X we are able to comfirm that battery will be above 85% and any newer phone older than 11 will be 90% and up. The newest phones batteries can be 95% up.


Things can go wrong. So we have you covered. Our warranty on single units is 1 year. Should your device fail send it back and we will handle your problem and post it back when the issue has been fixed. Its as simple as that.